Buddha bowl with couscous

An extraordinary aspect regarding this Buddha bowl, which is a wellspring of different nutrients and different nutrients, is that you can add any vegetables and natural products you need, in addition to the vegetables in this recipe. The awesome blend of feathery couscous and feta cheddar is incredibly popular as “Mediterranean Couscous Salad”.

p.p. – tablespoon 15 ml
t.x – teaspoon 5 ml

Couscous – 100 gr
Water – 100 ml Pelleted tomatoes
Olive natural product
Feta cheddar
Green onions
Hatch beans
Lemon juice
Olive oil – 2 tbsp

1. Pour heated water or bone stock over the couscous and leave covered for 10 minutes. As it develops, it ought to be put in a huge pot.
2. Meanwhile, set up the plate of mixed greens by cutting them.
3. When the couscous is prepared, mix it well to cushion it up.
4. Blend the vegetables in with the cushioned couscous and season with salt, lemon and olive oil.