Recipe: How to pound earthy colored beets

Here is an extremely simple method for pounding beetroot at this delightful season of collect. Following 7 days, you can involve it as a serving of mixed greens or tidbit. It can likewise be put away in the fridge for quite a long time. Along these lines, you can squeeze cucumbers, diverse serving of mixed greens (dunaisky), pepper.

p.p. – tablespoon 15 ml
t.x – teaspoon 5 ml


Earthy colored beets – 1 kg
Water – 1 cup or 240 ml
Apple juice vinegar – 2 cups or 480 ml
Sugar – 30 gr
Entire dark pepper – 1 tsp
1. Heat up the beets for 45 minutes.
2. Clean the strip and cut it into wanted shapes with uniform thickness.
3. Put the cut beetroot into a disinfected glass container.
4. Add water, apple juice vinegar, sugar and dark pepper, mix well and bubble for 2 minutes.
5. Add the bubbled juice to the glass beets. Leave a space of something like 2 cm from the top while filling the fluid.
6. Wipe the edge of the glass, cover firmly, leave in a cool spot for 7 days, and it will be prepared to eat. It very well may be put away in the fridge for a month subsequent to opening. Can be put away unopened for a long time.
7. If you have any desire to stockpile to a half year, after stage 6, prepare the beets for 20 minutes.